Moonlighters is a video project that documents the lives of three individuals over the course of a year. While at first glance my subjects do not appear to have any correlation, they are connected by a constant interplay between their outward-facing general personalities and separated, secondary personas that they have great passion for. My goal was to capture this dynamic, highlighting the very unexpected and entertaining “alter-egos” that exist within the subjects. The intention of my film is to aid the viewer in looking beyond the expected and connect three unique individuals who have more in common with one another than often meets the eye.

Steven, is a development director for a local non profit organization during the day, while at night transitions from his professional business attitude and attire to the fun-loving and flashy drag queen, Miss Kitty Litter. 

Jim, finds a release from his stressful job as a TSA agent for the Department of Homeland Security by cosplaying as Deadpool, an antihero creation of Marvel Comics. 

Delta Bravo is the persona of a valuable member of the Providence Roller Derby team who by day is an attorney.  Her real name is not released for confidentiality purposes. 

Produced and Directed by: Giuliana Guarino